Retribution Gospel Choir Live at Kilby Court on April 16, 2010

Retribution Gospel Choir, The Platte, and Elemental,I recently traveled to Salt Lake City to attend the Retribution Gospel Choir’s performance at Kilby Court, April 16th, 2010. Two opening acts performed followed by a set timing in just under an hour by RGC. Attendance was around fifty people, many of whom were obviously fans judging by their reactions to each song and by the informal chat sessions with the band following the show.

I recorded the fifty-three minute, twenty-four second set and have shared the audio on To listen, use the embedded streaming functionality below, or download the set in it’s entirety from the set page.

Set page at
Retribution Gospel Choir Live at Kilby Court on 2010-04-16

Photos from Flickr:
Retribution Gospel Choir Live at Kilby Court with event tag

01 Breaker (2:21)
02 Workin’ Hard (4:15)
03 White Wolf (4:42)
04 Poor Man’s Daughter (7:25)
05 They Knew You Well (2:55)
06 Take Your Time (3:56)
07 banter (2:16)
08 Hide It Away (3:07)
09 Your Bird (3:13)
10 Something’s Going to Break (2:49)
11 Electric Guitar (9:27)
12 banter (1:33)
13 Then She Turned Into (2:23)
14 ’68 Comeback (3:10)

Streaming Audio (53:56):

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