Retribution Gospel Choir – Private East Hillside Performance

January 16th, 2009
Undisclosed Location
Duluth, Minnesota
by Ryan Dahlberg

“After receiving a message from fellow Post-Duluthian [and proprietor of this blog] Sam Haraldson, I had a feeling that this was [a] show not to miss.”

Soon to be embarking on a world tour, Duluth’s own Retribution Gospel Choir was scheduled to appear for a private performance somewhere in the East Hillside. Upon my walk through downtown to get to the show, I had the chance to make a few quick words with Aaron Molina, whom if you don’t know by now is credited with the artwork for RGC’s new album “2”.

After arriving shortly after 9pm and being greeted by open arms, not to mention the bonfire, and the kegs of Surly, the early attendees and I waited for the band to arrive while listening to my advance copy of the new album. As more people arrive the band appears. It quickly becomes 10pm as we watch the traffic from the front window.

It’s now 10:30pm, I have my camera in hand, and my Surly is on the mantle: it’s show time.

The band starts the show with their classic rock anthem “Breaker”. As the band plays on through to Midnight with a collection of songs from the new album, the band seems larger than life. Steve and Eric’s stage presence have now grown equal to, being previously shadowed [by] that of Sparhawk. Towards the end of their set, each member continues to be focused and still being able to feed the group empowerment.

This was truly a performance to remember. For more photos of the show visit Ryan’s Flickr Gallery

This has been a guest post by Ryan Dahlberg, maintainer of, hosting a broad array of aural and visual content relating to Duluth music and culture.


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[…] The house in the video is the same one RGC gave a recent private show, a report of which can be read at: Retribution Gospel Choir – Private East Hillside Performance. […]

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